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Job Type



Starting from £24 p/h

Closing Date

31st March 2024

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Job Description

Community/District Nursing: Central London (Walkers)

We are urgently looking for community/district nurses to work within Central London (Walkers preferred) for immediate start. Full-time /Flexible day cover. Below are skills/competencies needed:
  • I.V. Administration
  • Phlebotomy/Venepuncture
  • Managing Peg Feeds, administration of medicines via PEG, Flush Peg, commence and discontinue feeds
  • Male re-catheterization-care of and insertion
  • Female/ Male re-catheterization-care of and insertion
  • Suprapubic re-catheterization
  • Ear Irrigation
  • Compression Bandaging 4-layer
  • Short Stretch Bandaging
  • Management of PICC/Hickman lines i.e. flushing, change dressing
  • Wound Care – Vac Therapy
  • Wound Care – General
  • Administration of medication via IM Injection/ SC Injection

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