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We offer the following services;

E-learning Mandatory Training
Enhanced DBS application payment
Identification Badge replacement request and where to email
Your compliance documents if you wish to update your file with us

    NB: Our e-learning Mandatory Training and DBS service is available to ALL. Mandatory training certificates will be issued to trainees without any additional charge on completion of each course.

      Compliance & Training

      CSTF Mandatory + Statutory Training e-learning courses

      Price £35

      The content of this training course has been verified by Skills for Health as aligning to the UK Core Skills Training Framework. All in one Mandatory training.

      Course content (Required annually/each year):

      1. The Safe Handling & Administration
      2. Seizures & Epilepsy
      3. Safeguarding Children Level 1
      4. Safeguarding level 2
      5. Safeguarding level 3
      6. Safeguarding Adults Level 3
      7. Risk Assessment
      8. RIDDOR
      9. Preventing Radicalisation L1 & L2
      10. Mental Capacity Act
      11. Manual Handling & Moving of People
      12. Lone Worker
      13. Food Hygiene & Safety
      14. Counter Fraud
      15. Control of Substances Hazardous
      16. Consent
      17. Complaint Handling
      18. Communication
      19. Basic Life Support
      20. Conflict Management & PMVA
      21. Infection Prevention and Control Level
      22. Health & Safety
      23. Handling Information & Information
      24. Fire Safety Equality & Diversity
      25. Duty of Care
      26. Documentation and record keeping
      27. Awareness of Mental Health
      28. Dementia
      29. Blood component transfusion
      30. COVID awareness
      31. NEW

      Care Certificate

      Price £13.50

      Online Training Course

      DBS Certificate

      Price £65

      Enhanced (disclosure And Barring Service)

      ID Badge


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      Compliance and Training

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